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[How to make gold powder in chicken]_Gold powder in chicken_Production method_Methods Daquan

[How to make gold powder in chicken]_Gold powder in chicken_Production method_Methods Daquan

Chicken gold powder can be used as medicine, but how to make chicken gold powder requires certain steps and attention. First of all, it should be cleaned and dried, especially if it needs to be exposed to the sun, because it can help sterilization after exposure.

1. Grinding powder is the most commonly used and effective method of taking chicken internal gold.

This is because the digestive enzymes contained in the chicken’s gold will not lose activity due to long-term high-temperature boiling, which will reduce benefits.

2. The chicken ground powder can be properly carried out according to the following steps.

First, wash and dry the chicken’s gold.

3. In this category, chickens eat bugs when they are alive, and they need to eat some fine sand and stones to help digestion, so the stomach is usually not clean.

In addition, the stomach wall usually folds and shrinks, so this step must be patiently cleaned.

4. After the chicken gold is dried, it needs to be exposed to the sun.

The role of exposure is to use ultraviolet sterilization, and the second is to fully dry the powder for future research.

Be sure to dry it until it becomes crispy, and it can be broken by folding it manually.

5. After the drying is completed, use the grinder to grind the dried chicken internal gold into a powder and pass through a 120 mesh sieve to ensure the powder is fine.

If the powder is not fine, it will not be easy to digest, and the effect of digestion will not be good.

6. Generally speaking, it is not easy for individuals to make such a fine powder when operating at home. You can go to the farmer’s market to find a special grinder for chicken. After researching the gold powder, go to the pharmacy to buy some empty capsule shells(That is, the outer shell of ordinary plastic pills), put the gold powder in the chicken into the capsule shell.

7. Note that the gold in the chicken has a fishy smell and bitter taste, so it is more difficult to swallow it directly.

In addition, the dosage is not as easy to grasp as a capsule.