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[Do eucommia tea have anticonvulsant effects?]

[Do eucommia tea have anticonvulsant effects?]

After pregnancy, women’s body will undergo certain changes, especially the enzyme substances in the body. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the homeostasis and do a good job of concealing. You can drink some Eucommia tea properly and have a certain effect of concealing.It has a good effect in lowering blood sugar and blood pressure. In addition, it also has soothing and anti-fatigue effects, and has a certain effect in preventing constipation.

Eucommia has a mild taste, has the effect of nourishing the liver and kidney, strengthening bones and bones, and can conceive the fetus. It can be used for waist and leg pain or weakness caused by kidney yang deficiency, liver qi deficiency caused by congenital insufficiency, scrotum wet itch, etc.Can join.

But be careful not to overbear.

1. Carotene, the main active ingredient of Eucommia ulmoides male flowers, has a certain blood glucose lowering effect.

2, Runchang laxative eucommia eucommia and phenylene compounds contained in Eucommia ulmoides have effects on laxative laxative. At the same time, Eucommia ulmoides can promote intestinal and gastric collagen synthesis and enhance gastrointestinal function.

3, soothe the nerves to promote sleep The natural active ingredients of Eucommia ulmoides flowers have soothing, calming and analgesic effects, which can improve sleep.

5. Anti-fatigue. Eucommia ulmoides contains essential human collagen, which has the function of promoting muscle development, and is especially suitable for people who have lacked physical activity for a long time.

6. Enhance the body’s immune function. Isolation of chloroform extract from Eucommia ulmoides male flowers to obtain lolidide, which has immunosuppressive activity, can enhance the body’s immunity; it has a multi-class active substance, which can activate the network polymer system.Can enhance the body’s non-preset immune function.