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[Dongpo soup cake?

】 _How to do_Making method

[Dongpo soup cake?
】 _How to do_Making method

Dongpo cake is named in honor of the poet Su Dongpo. Dongpo cake is a relatively well-known cuisine in Hubei. In fact, Dongpo cake is also called hollow cake or lasagna, which is crispy and sweet. Dongpo cakeIt ‘s just that weird food culture, which also contains a strong nostalgic culture, is very popular with everyone. So how to make Dongpo cake?

The following details the practice of Dongpo cake.

The main ingredients are fine white flour, 500 grams of auxiliary salt, 2 grams of sugar, 100 grams of sesame oil, and 120 grams of Dongpo cake. Step 1.

Take the egg whites, add 500 grams of water and refined salt, melt the soda, pour the flour, and repeatedly knead until the dough does not stick to the hands, knead into strips, knead into 10 doughs weighing 150 grams, knead into a round ravioli, placePlace in a porcelain plate containing sesame oil (100 g) and simmer for 10 minutes.


Spread the sesame oil on the chopping board, take out the good noodles, press it on the chopping board to form a thin sheet of skin, roll it into a double cylinder from the middle to the middle, pull it into about half a strip, and then roll it side to side to form a large, A small round cake, put the big round cake, the small round cake stacked on top, and then immersed in a porcelain plate containing sesame oil, about 5 minutes into the cake blank.


Set the pan on a medium heat and let the sesame oil burn to 70% heat. Place the cakes flat in the pan and loosen the cakes with a chopstick while loosening. When the cakes are fried until they float, turn overThen fry, use the chopsticks to fry the heart of the cake while frying, so that the cake is frothy but not spread. When it is golden brown, remove and drain the oil, and sprinkle each cake with white sugar (45 g).

Method: Take 1,250 milliliters of Xishan mineral water into the noodles, knead them well, roll into a 23 cm diameter disk, pour sesame oil, spread it by hand, and then roll it from the two sides to the middle into the shape of a long tube.The middle is broken, each roll is about 39 cm long and 54 cm wide, and then coated with a layer of sesame oil, rolled from one end into a whole, clamped, pressed by hand, and rolled into a 17 cm diameter round cake.

Add it to the oil pan and fry until it floats. Press it with chopsticks during frying to crack the cake.

After frying, pan with white sugar and serve.

Don’t use soda when mixing noodles. Use even force when rolling the dough, and the thickness of the dough should be the same.

Features: Chic shape, attractive color, sweet and crispy, delicious.